Over 100 artists exhibited at QUANTUMVIS V-Lustrum tonight at 20.00 at the Service Garage

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de Service Garage presents Quantumvis V-Lustrum

de Service Garage presents Quantumvis V-Lustrum

The gallery season is winding down, but not without a few more nice exhibitions in funky spaces…

De Service Garage, an edgy industrial gallery space on the east side of Amsterdam not far from Trouw, has the second installation of their exhibition featuring over 100 very talented artists (such as the previously highlighted Thomas Monses). Quantumvis V brings together of a large group of acclaimed artists and with their many angles and disciplines showcased throughout the large space De Service Garage holds. With work ranging from abstraction to figurative, 2D and 3D installations, photography, videos and sound work. As you can imagine, there is something for everyone.

De Service Garage also places a high value on creating an ambiance that compels you not to leave – tonight, that ambiance is being provided by Constant Dullaart & Friends (dj’s with a taste for the strange-yet-danceable) and a watering hole for thirsty visitors. They are known to throw a nice party after their openings and this will be no exception.

De Service Garage – Stephensonstraat 16 – Amsterdam

Saturday 27 June 2009 from 20.00 – 03.00


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